Enjoy the essence of life,
with flavors and fragrances that delight

Al-Karim Corporation captures the essence of the moment, bringing you memorable flavors and fragrances to be enjoyed throughout the day. We maintain our leadership position – approximately 25% of our industry’s global market share – by challenging ourselves daily, inspiring our partnerships across the globe and serving our customers with heart and soul.


Our Amazing Strengths

Innovation Skills
Quality of Supply & Services
Wide Range of Flavors & Fragrances
HACCP Procedures
Quality Accreditations

A Brief About Us

   Rakaposhi Flavors & Fragrances

Rakaposhi Flavors ” is a trademark created in 2004. Our mission is to offer quality, innovative and authentic, affordable Continental Food Flavors and Fragrances from the Continent (mainly China, India,  &  Malaysia).’ ‘Rakaposhi Flavors & Fragrances” is the name for passion and it reflects the passion we have for choosing the best continental food Flavors and Fragrances for our customers.

   Our strength and our success are:

  • Our expertise and innovation skills
  • Our quality of supply & service
  • Our value for money without compromising quality

   We sell & distribute nationwide in Pakistan

We sell and distribute our products in industry and retail sizes, under Rakaposhi brand. We have the ability and knowledge to develop best recipes and can also source other products on request. Our Lahore office is located in Lahore Township area. We distribute our products through out Pakistan. We offer an excellent distribution service with 3 to 4 days delivery from our warehouse facility ensuring top quality service to our customers.We have over 200 products in our portfolio and stock is available at all times, unless otherwise stated, from our warehouse facilities located in Lahore Pakistan. We can send you Quality certificates and product specifications with allergens & dietary information as well as supply samples to ensure the product suits your requirements, from our own dedicated  Quality Department.

   We sell & distribute nationwide in Pakistan

We are now recognized as one of the Leading brands of premium and innovative Food Flavors  & Ingredients across Pakistan. Some of our Flavors have great proud for established brands and well recognized to the end users.We operate under stringent quality control systems meeting HACCP procedures. We are working in close relationship with selected suppliers and , who have achieved several quality accreditations, such as HACCP, BRC, ISO, IFS. We audit them on a regular basis and have developed very strong relationships allowing us to have a better control and knowledge of their production chains.